The ‘Ownerless House’ by architects Vão, in Avaré, São Paulo

Designed by São Paulo-based architects Vão, the ‘Ownerless House nº 01’ is the first in a series of residences created with flexible living options for diverse family dynamics. The project was constructed in São Paulo’s city of Avaré, commissioned by a client with the intention of building investment houses. As the future residents were unknown at the time of construction, ‘Ownerless House nº 01’ provides versatile, open plan living space that can be easily welcomed by personal needs. The single-story house exists as two levels that are partitioned by a 60cm slope: the first of which presents the living-dining areas in a covered courtyard, and the second bears the private spaces including bedrooms and bathrooms. Vão has implemented alternating ‘open’ and ‘closed’ spaces with large panels of glass divisions. This creates a dynamic interior architecture and invites natural light to fill the home. The pergola structure that covers the courtyard was inspired by Brazilian architect Rino Levi, created with prefabricated elements of concrete and a grid of skylights in the center.



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